The University of Washington is trying to force us to negotiate our contract during regular business hours, pulling us away from our patients. UW knows that we are not willing to compromise patient care to advocate for ourselves. We demand to negotiate for a fair contract outside of normal clinical hours to minimize the impact of our contract negotiations on patient care and training. UW needs to uphold the precedent set by the rest of the nation, and by their own past bargaining. Let’s ensure this vital task gets our full attention. 

Sign the petition today to demand UW meet after-hours!

Please Note: At this time, this petition is for current UW residents and fellows only. If you’re an ally who would like to support, please follow our social media for updates.

Resident Physician Response to Texas Abortion Ban

In perhaps the biggest blow to Roe v Wade (1973), the Supreme Court’s inaction on Texas’s S.B. 8 poses one of the greatest threats to reproductive freedom in the state and perhaps beyond. The bill is draconian in its treatment of reproductive choice and legal right to receiving an abortion in that it prohibits abortion after 6 weeks despite the fact that nearly 85-90% of abortion procedures in the state occur after 6 weeks, well before many folks know they are pregnant. People with the means to travel will be able to access abortion in neighboring states, but those without means to travel will be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term. This sexist and racist law will once again disproportionately impact low-income patients of color. However, perhaps more terrifyingly, the bill allows for extremists to take the law into their own hands. This Texas law is not enforceable by the state officials, but instead permits private citizens to sue anyone, from the doctor performing the procedure to those who help pay for the procedure down to the Lyft driver who drops the patient off at the clinic, for a hefty sum of $10,000 plus legal fees. Reporters need not even be connected to the patient, nor even live in the state.

This impacts OUR labor rights and OUR ability to care for our patients. As residents and fellows, we practice medicine in a safe, evidence-based manner regardless of social circumstances. We treat all patients with dignity and respect, including upholding their bodily autonomy, and use shared-decision making to ensure their medical choices are the best option for them. There is no other fathomable context or medical decision that should be made under the duress of a $10,000 lawsuit for performing a medically safe procedure. We recognize that this bill has a sweeping effect for the state of Texas, but may have rippling effects to other states in which we will go on to practice. Indeed, despite being thousands of miles away, we will undoubtedly see patients in practices seeking this care. 

As Justice Sonia Sotomayor writes in her dissent, “the court’s order is stunning… a majority of justices have opted to bury their heads in the sand.” We, the RFPU-NW, will not. We encourage you to also consider donating to the Reproductive Health Access Project which is split among nine abortion funds providing access to folks in Texas.

In solidarity, 

The Resident and Fellow Physicians of RFPU-NW

Fall 2021 Childcare Fund Application is Open!

Fall Childcare Fund Timeline
Application Open: September 1st
Application Deadline: 11:59pm on September 15th
Notice from RFPU: By September 18th
Appeals: Submit by11:59pm on September 25th
Disbursement from UW HR: Usually within 2-3 pay periods after appeals date

Childcare Fund Eligibility and Determination Criteria:

Inclusion Criteria. Inclusion is based on the household income, expressed in Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

  • Must be a dues-paying member of the RFPU
  • For a Single-Income Household: AGI < 100% PGY-9 level salary qualifies
  • For a Dual-Income Household: AGI < 160% PGY-9 level salary qualifies
  • Regardless of household income, two UW resident-parent households will always be included

Read here for more details!

2021 Grant Program Application Open!

The RFPU – NW Grant Program was established to support high-quality resident and fellow research at our institution and attendance of educational conferences. Due to COVID-19, this years grant can be used towards expenses associated with virtual conferences and research supplies.

Eligibility: All dues-paying RFPU-NW members are eligible!

Amount: Up to $1,400

Submission Deadline Extended: Wed, Sept. 22nd at 11:59pm
Submit Your Application: Online

Guidelines and Application Form: On the RFPU website

Negotiation Prep Time – Article Planning Meetings

Decline to Sign “Compassion” Seattle

Housing is Healthcare! Seattle needs long term, sustainable solutions for our neighbors, many of whom are our patients in the hospitals we work within. This includes a dedicated, progressive revenue source, not unfunded mandates. RFPU – NW endorses the House our Neighbors campaign, in opposition to the Compassion Seattle Charter Amendment.

#DeclineToSign the “Compassion Seattle” charter amendment! If you’ve already signed mistakenly – it’s not too late to remove your signature (see graphic below for how you can remove your signature).

Check out House Our Neighbors, a coalition of folks who are currently homeless, residents who have experienced homelessness, and advocates who are committed to ending the homelessness crisis in Seattle for more information.


Previously, UW was not reimbursing residents who took and paid for their USMLE/COMLEX Step III exam before arriving here; despite that our contract states all residents are to be reimbursed for this exam. This was impacting a large number of residents who do their prelim year elsewhere. This exam costs $850, so this will put a significant amount of money back in residents’ pockets!

Grievance Team members filed this grievance in August 2020.

This grievance win is memorialized for residents starting on 1/25/21, in addition to reimbursement for the resident who was the grievant.

Read below for the full details. Great job to the grievant for bringing this to the grievance team’s attention. 

Negotiation Prep Time – Article Planning Meetings

Join your co-residents & fellows to discuss how these articles can be improved in our next contract & draft language for our proposals. No prior contract/legal experience required, and we highly encourage first timers!

It’s important that we get different perspectives from our Union Members (you!) in order to make sure that our contract proposals represent as many resident voices as possible. See below for meeting registration links.

There will be a follow-up meeting to finish the first drafts on July 28th at 6pm – register here!