UWHA and UW Labor Relations met for the second bargaining session on July 18th. Article 1 discussing ‘Childcare’ was brought to the table. Dr. Hannan Qureshi and Dr. Nora Li lead a presentation covering the research and reasoning behind our proposed changes in the contract. A few members shared personal testimonials, both in person and over the phone. Additionally, members of the bargaining team read statements on behalf of individual members who shared their stories prior to the meeting. The testimonials mostly spoke to the hardship of childcare costs and daycare waitlists. 

The current contract gives UWHA $50,000 per year to disperse between residents – which amounts to an average of about 3.5 hours of childcare per month per household. UWHA’s request to the University Labor Relations is to increase the fund to $506,160 per year, which would cover approximately one month of childcare for one child per year. The request also includes increasing the emergency childcare service fund to $50,371.The next bargaining session is set for Monday, July 22nd at 3:00pm on the UW Campus.

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