A few of the facts on current UW resident/fellow pay and benefits.

  • Compared to peer institutions:
    • You receive at least $7,000 less per year in salary
    • You receive at least $6,000 less per year in housing stipend
    • Your cost of living is rising faster than most places
  • A survey of 59 peer institutions showed 75% of other residency programs have 4 or 5 weeks of vacation
  • Current childcare benefits:
    • The stipend covers two days of childcare per year
    • The waiting period for daycare centers is 1-3 years
  • In addition, you pay more for:
    • Parking
    • Public transportation
    • Health insurance
    • Meals on campus
    • Travel for academic conferences
    • Other educational expenses

You keep UW’s hospitals and clinics running, provide excellent patient care, and generate revenue. This is unacceptable – you deserve better.

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