UWHA Week of Action – September 23 – 26

Monday, Sept. 23: Social Media Swarm

Who: All UWHA Members and Supporters

What: Social Media Publicity Day

Where: Wherever you are, All Day

You: Post pictures of you and other residents in support of a better contract. Tag @UWHousestaff, @UWmedicine, and your friends – please add hashtags #careNOTcuts #iamUWHA #faircontractnow

Tuesday, Sept. 24: Wear Suits in Solidarity (+Sticker/Button Up)

Who: All UWHA Members and Supporters

What: Solidarity Day

Where: Wherever you’re working, All Day

You: Wear a suit (if you don’t own a suit, still dress as business professional as possible), and wear a UWHA pin. When people ask why you’re dressed up, “UWHA is fighting for a fair contract. We mean business and we deserve better than what UW is proposing.” Post pictures, using same tags as the day before. 

Wednesday, Sept. 25: Unity Walkout

Who: All UWHA Members and Supporters

What: 15 Minute Walkout

Where: UWMC (Front Entrance), HMC (9th & Jefferson), VA (Front Entrance), and SCH (River Entrance), and various clinics (email admin@uwha.com if you are planning to walkout of another location), 12:00-12:15pm

You: Walkout a few minutes before Noon. T-Shirts and Signs will be at location – wear and wave them! Post pictures and tag us & friends.

Etc.: Short speeches will occur at each location. Residents at UCLA, UCSF, Highland Hospital walked out recently and saw immediate results!

Thursday, Sept. 26: Negotiation Session

Who: All UWHA Members

What: Contract Negotiation 

Where: Roosevelt Commons West, Rm 271

You: Come and Fill the Room!

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