UWHA and UW Labor Relations (LR) met for the twelfth bargaining session on October 29th. This session was a continuation of the October 15th session. The only additional article discussed was Article 25 (Transportation). 

The most recent counter proposals from LR and UWHA for Article 6 (Fringe Benefits) differ a great deal – and UWHA has continued to ask questions and receive clarification on the intention for multiple items, including pay for training modules before and after a resident’s official start date, professional liability coverage, laundering services, fitness access, and a relocation stipend. Extensive and productive conversation was discussed regarding the current and potential staffing of counselors for residents and fellows, as well as intricacies with PHP (Physician Health Program). LR discussed the areas in which they are currently working to improve wellness among residents and fellows, including in the recruitment of more diverse counselors to better match the resident and fellow population, improving schedule release times, partnering with NURF, and ensuring that all ACGME requirements are being met.

UWHA has also proposed a $50/month phone stipend due to the necessity of having a personal cell phone to perform job responsibilities. LR states that because UW policy does not provide cell phones or stipends for any employees, regardless of their position, this will continue to be the policy for residents and fellows as well. UWHA continues to assert that the University of Washington is severely behind in these benefits compared to peer institution residency programs.

Article 25, Transportation was brought forth to discuss both questions and concerns with current policies. UWHA is proposing to expand and improve the current Safe Ride Home program, which is not currently serving residents and fellows in its intended purpose.

Conversation and debate on these topics took the entirety of the session and UWHA’s proposals were postponed to the next session. 

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Thursday, October 31st from 3:00-7:00pm at Roosevelt Commons West, Rm. 271. UWHA urges all members to attend.

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