UWHA and UW Labor Relations (LR) met for the twenty first bargaining session on January 15th Articles 5, 6, 13, 17, and 20 were discussed. This was the second negotiation session with PERC Mediator, Chris Casillas in attendance. Tentative Agreements were signed on Articles 5 and 17. 

Article 6 (Fringe), LR accepted most of UWHA’s language related to liability coverage. LR maintains that professional liability coverage for approved internal moonlighting is part and parcel of approved internal moonlighting and does not require a separate declaration. LR proposed language providing for white coat cleaning for all residents. LR declined to include an updated meals benefit. UWHA asked why a cellular phone benefit was not included, and LR referred to the UW Medicine Policy. UWHA questioned why residents were excluded under this policy, and LR agreed to approach UW Medicine with this question.

Article 13 (Leave-Miscellaneous), LR proposed language related to parental and FMLA leave. LR proposed language related to domestic violence leave consistent with their prior proposals and provided new language regarding pregnancy accomodation.

Article 20 (Non-Discrimination), UWHA proposed language which incorporated prior LR proposals while maintaining explanation of non-discrimination regulations rather than solely referring to the Executive Order which defines them. 

Articles 5 (Dues Deduction and UWHA Membership) and 17 (Management Rights) were discussed and tentative agreements were signed by both parties. In Article 5, both parties agreed to audit the UWHA membership list in July 2020 and verify that members who have left the bargaining unit were correctly removed.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Tuesday, January 28th from 3:00-7:00pm at Roosevelt Commons West, Rm. 271. UWHA welcomes all members to attend.

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