UWHA and UW Labor Relations (LR) met for the twenty-third bargaining session on February 6th. UWHA brought counter proposals for Articles 2, 21, and 26/XX. LR submitted a package proposal including new language on Articles 6, 7, 11, 13, 16, 23, and 25. They also proposed responses to articles 2 and 26/XX. 

Article 2 (Committees), UWHA and LR each proposed versions of this article. The two parties are apart on the issue of alternate representatives to the GMEC and GME Policy Committee meetings in the event that the UWHA designee cannot attend. UWHA has proposed that any UWHA Board Member could step in in place of the designee, but LR has refused, insisting that there be only one alternative representative to each committee that is decided for the entire year. 

Article 6 (Fringe Benefits), the parties remained aligned on new language regarding resident orientation pay, professional liability coverage, and guaranteed laundering of white coats. LR did not match UWHA’s proposed language stating that residents must be released from duty to attend mental health appointments despite the ACGME common program requirements using similar language. LR’s proposal continues to state that programs make a “good faith effort” to release the residents for these appointments. LR withdrew their previous Meals proposal and instead proposed an increase to the meals stipend from $7.50 to $8.50 per meal. The UWHA’s prior proposal was $11 per meal to match the stipend at Seattle Children’s Hospital. LR continues to reject UWHA’s language creating a relocation reimbursement. 

Article 7 (Grievance Procedure), LR proposed language matching UWHA’s proposal to retain contract language regarding timelines throughout the grievance process. The parties remain apart on the issue of Step 3 of the grievance process, during which both parties present their cases to a committee including residents and faculty, and the committee provides a response/decision. 

Articles 11 (Washington Family Medical Leave Program) and 13 (Leave – Miscellaneous), between these two articles, most language is aligned and the UWHA will present their likely final proposal for Tentative Agreement on February 19th. These articles detail important changes and large wins for residents including explication of the new PFML program, new language on guaranteed pregnancy accommodations and the process for requesting them, and new language on leave related to domestic violence or sexual assault.

Article 16 (Leave – Vacation), LR proposed adding an additional two weekday vacation days, a change from their prior proposal of no additional vacation days. This is compared to UWHA’s proposal of five additional week day and two additional weekend vacation days. 

Article 21 (Professional Development and Licensing), UWHA proposed changing the process for payment of professional development funds. Due to concerns from UW regarding administrative burden, UWHA has proposed to remove the reimbursement process altogether and instead provide a stipend at the beginning of each year. 

Article 23 (Salary), LR accepted UWHA’s proposed language regarding adding a new R9 pay level, meaning fellows who are advancing from R8 to R9 will for the first time receive a pay increase. However, LR did not propose any increase over their prior proposals in starting salary or yearly increases. They continue to propose only a 2% increase in AY20 only starting three months after ratification, a 2% increase in AY21 and a 1% increase in AY22. They increased their home call stipend offer by $100. 

Article 25 (Transportation), LR proposed new language regarding parking during normal business hours and changes to parking policies. LR continues to propose more restrictive language regarding might and weekend parking and the safe ride home program. They continue to propose a cap on the dollar amount provided for reimbursement through the safe ride home program though have increased this cap from their last proposal from $500 to $600 per year. LR has not accepted UWHA’s proposal for a free U-PASS. LR continues to propose removing the bike sustainability reimbursement entirely. 

Article 26/XX (Miscellaneous, new articles), UWHA proposed accepting some of LR’s language regarding election notification, staff representatives, use of state resources, and information requests. The parties remain significantly apart on recognition, duration and owed wages. LR counter proposed similar language to their original proposals regarding use of state resources and duration, but withdrew their proposal regarding information requests. 

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Wednesday, February 19th from 3:00-7:00pm at Roosevelt Commons West, Rm. 271. UWHA welcomes all members to attend.

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