This morning we sent a letter to UW Medicine Leadership, including UW President Cauce, Dean Ramsey, Dr. Dellit, and Dr. Joyner regarding our latest contract packet proposal. This proposal was created in response to the negotiation session we had on Tuesday

In the interest of finishing negotiations at the soonest date possible, UWHA has conceded various proposals. Although we still find these requests important and fair (as they are status quo at our peer institutions), we hope these new requests are amenable to the employer and they meet us in finishing this process quickly.

Highlights include: 

  • Reducing the childcare fund ask to $250,000 per year
  • Accepting the employers definition of a “resident”
  • Reducing the relocation stipend to $1,000 and limiting to only incoming residents coming from outside of King County
  • Accepting the employers meal reimbursement amounts
  • Tentatively agreeing to the employers proposal on “Leave – Miscellaneous”
  • Removing the ability to be paid out for unused sick leave
  • Removing the procedure for discovering purpose for unused vacation leave
  • Reducing base salary of R1 to $62,000 (respectively for R2-R9)
  • Reducing ask for housing stipend to $13,000 per year, and accepting flat rate between contract years
  • Reducing travel stipend ask to $750
  • Drop language to expand bargaining unit 

Please see the package proposal for full details.

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