The COVID-19 outbreak has thrust our region into a public health crisis. UWHA residents have been and will continue to be on the frontlines, taking care of patients and doing their utmost to contain the epidemic so as to protect all of our communities. Given the dire circumstances, the UWHA board has decided to halt all negotiations and actions for the next two weeks to allow our members to focus on what they do best: caring for patients.

This means we are postponing the ROS Action pending re-evaluation at a later date.
UWHA residents have been working on an expired contract since June of 2019. Despite months of negotiations, where members of the bargaining team have now each missed over 100 hours of patient care, the UW continues to make contract offers that amount to a pay-cut, keeping UW residents far behind their colleagues at peer institutions. UW is showing just how little they value residents at a time when they should be doing the opposite. We are committed to continuing to fight for a fair contract. We plan to reconvene on April 1st to continue the work of bargaining in good faith and intend to reach a contract we can all be proud of.

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