RFPU – NW has recently endorsed SHB 1348, Providing medical assistance to incarcerate patients. 

The majority of people incarcerated are incarcerated for less than 30 days. This bill updates current language around not suspending Medicaid for those incarcerated for 30 days or less. New language includes that a person’s incarceration status does not affect the person’s enrollment in medical assistance and that a person not enrolled in medical assistance at the time of incarceration will have the ability to apply for medical assistance.

The next public hearing is on Thursday, March 11th, at 1:30pm. 

RFPU – NW encourages our members to show support for this bill. There are three very easy ways to do so, by (in order of ease to do):

  • signing in PRO for the legislative record (anytime up until 1:30pm on 3/11)
  • submitting a comment (anytime up until 1:30pm on 3/11)
  • testifying live (registration by 1:30pm on 3/10)

All you have to do is:

  • Go to the Committee Sign In page
  • Choose Committee: Human Services, Reentry, and Rehab
  • Choose Meetings: 3/11/21 at 1:30pm
  • Choose: SHB 1348 Incarcerated persons/medical
  • Choose “written testimony,” “testify live,” or “position noted for the legislative record”
  • When registering, you may enter “Resident & Fellow Physician Union – Northwest” under organization affiliation because RFPU – NW has endorsed the bill. 
  • If you plan to testify live, please let us know!

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