Congratulations on matching to UW and RFPU – NW! We’re so excited to welcome you all to Seattle in the coming months.

Now that you’ve matched, we encourage you to:

  1. Sign your membership card! We have a strong union because over 80% of residents and fellows at UW are dues-paying members! We have some of the lowest dues in the country at just 0.5% of your salary… and dues don’t start till you get paid! 
  2. Join one of our New Member Town Halls to learn more about our union! Open to everyone! There will be one on April 15th (7pm PT) and one on April 22nd (4pm PT)!
  3. Join our Buy/Sell group on Facebook to find an apartment (or even a roommate!), furniture, and more!
  4. Follow RFPU on Social Media to stay up to date on what we’re doing (you can find our accounts at the bottom of this email)

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