Fall Childcare Fund Timeline
Application Open: September 1st
Application Deadline: 11:59pm on September 15th
Notice from RFPU: By September 18th
Appeals: Submit by11:59pm on September 25th
Disbursement from UW HR: Usually within 2-3 pay periods after appeals date

Childcare Fund Eligibility and Determination Criteria:

Inclusion Criteria. Inclusion is based on the household income, expressed in Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

  • Must be a dues-paying member of the RFPU
  • For a Single-Income Household: AGI < 100% PGY-9 level salary qualifies
  • For a Dual-Income Household: AGI < 160% PGY-9 level salary qualifies
  • Regardless of household income, two UW resident-parent households will always be included

Read here for more details!

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