For the second year in a row, the Resident & Fellow Physician Union – Northwest is proud to endorse the Seattle Solidarity Budget alongside many trusted labor unions and community organizations. 

As healthcare providers, we see the direct impact on our patients, when our city does not adequately fund and support social services, or acknowledge the intersectionality between systems. We know the Solidarity Budget will lead us to a more equitable future for Seattle, because it is a “collective call toward a city budget that centers the needs of the most marginalized and vulnerable Seattle residents, responds with funding that is commensurate with the crises we are facing, and prioritizes collective care and liberation. Our struggles to build a more equitable Seattle are interconnected. The places in our city where inequality cuts most deeply are also the places most heavily policed. At the core of the Solidarity Budget is our refusal to allow our movements to be pitted against each other for funding. Divesting from police systems and investing in Black communities goes hand in hand with climate justice work and housing justice work and Indigenous sovereignty.”  

Over the next two months, we, as members of the Seattle community have the opportunity to influence the direction of our city, through the budget process. On November 22nd, a final budget will be presented. We encourage all our co-residents and fellows (you!) to:

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