Send this email to UW Medicine Leadership to tell them we deserve these protections and compensation for the risks we have taken and continue to take as we care for patients during this pandemic.

UW has received $113 million in federal stimulus awards related to COVID. This is funding that needs to be used to support frontline workers, like us who are struggling to get by, while sacrificing our physical and mental health during this pandemic. We were some of the first doctors in the country to care for COVID+ patients and we’ve encountered an unprecedented amount of death in the last year and a half. Our employer needs to support us physically, mentally, and financially. Most resident physicians make less than minimum wage per hour. Our co-residents and fellows are strong and willing to make great sacrifices to care for our patients, but we should not be stressed about how to support our families and afford food and housing while working on the frontlines.

Many of our peer institutions like University of Michigan, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai have received hazard pay during this time.

Even if you personally have not been impacted by COVID, please send this email on behalf of your Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, etc. co-residents who have been tirelessly working in the ICUs since last March.

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