Yes, we know it feels like there have been a lot of elections in the last couple months. But this one is important too! Don’t forget to return your ballot by Tues, February 8th. 

As always, we encourage you to drop into a local ballot box, but you can also drop it in the mail up until last pick up on the 8th. 

What’s on the ballot?

Seattle voters are being asked to renew two school levies that expire in 2022 to continue funding for our students and schools. As healthcare workers and union members, we highly encourage you to VOTE YES on both Propositions 1 and 2. Our Seattle public schools are not fully funded by the state, so these levies bridge the gap between funding. 

What is Proposition 1 and why should you vote YES?

This levy would continue to fund educational programs, student services, and school staff. For example, if this levy is not approved, the number of nurses serving the 52,000+ (at 106 schools) students would drop from 68 to just 9. It also would continue funding for special education, child nutrition programs, social-emotional health, STEM programs, athletics, arts, drama, and music. 

What is Proposition 2 and why should you vote YES?

This levy would continue to fund maintaining and updating our school buildings, technology for teaching and learning, and academic and athletics building projects and equipment. Many of our public schools need even the most basic of improvements to ensure safety of students and staff, including replacing fire alarm systems, seismic improvements for earthquake safety, updating outdated heating systems and athletic fields. 

As healthcare workers, we know that public health begins with investing in our children. 

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