RFPU-NW and UW Labor Relations (UW) met for the third (virtual) bargaining session.

Maureen Broom, Enterprise Finance Officer, and Dwane Liuska, Director of Government Accounting presented UW Medicine’s budget for FY20, FY21, FY22, and YTD Financial Performance. 

UW Counter Proposals:

Article 1, Definitions: UW accepted RFPU-NW’s strike to simplify language in the definition of “on-call” and proposed expanding definitions to include dental education, in addition to the current medical education. 

Article 7, Grievance Procedure: UW accepted minor language updates and expanding the Step 1 and Step 2 Grievance appeals to thirty days proposed by RFPU-NW. Additionally, UW proposed expanding the employer’s Step 2 Grievance appeal to thirty days and changing the process for which an arbitrator from the permanent panel is selected. 

Article 10, Leave – Bereavement: UW proposed adding language to include miscarriage or stillbirth of a child to the list of events a resident shall be granted paid bereavement leave. 

Article 11, Washington Family Medical Leave Program: UW proposed cleaning up outdated language, and listing the types of leave a resident may use to supplement their PFML benefits. 

Article 22, Salary/Stipend: UW proposed a 1-1-1% salary increase for 2022-2025. Additionally, it proposed combining the salary table to show both the annual salary and housing stipend together, with the intention of the housing stipend being dispersed throughout the year, on each paycheck instead of at the beginning of the year as one large stipend. UW also partially accepted RFPU-NW’s language memorializing the leadership allowance for UW NURF and HQSC members in the amount of the Chief allowance per month; however, limited to the President and Vice President for NURF and the co-chairs of HQSC. 

RFPU-NW Resident Counter Proposals: 

Article 4, Disciplinary Action and Just Cause: RFPU-NW proposed adding additional language to state, “Programs will clearly share with residents what occurs at their program’s CCC meetings, including when a focus of concern of other disciplinary action is being discussed.”

Article 10, Leave – Bereavement: RFPU-NW accepted the employer’s proposals to update all “leave” language to “time off” and added “memorial services” to the list of travel covered by bereavement time off. 

Article 15, Leave – Sick: RFPU-NW accepted the employer’s proposals to update all “leave” language to “time off” and added matching language to the requirement to provide notice to supervising attendings for attending appointments related to family members. 

Tentative Agreement Reached:

The proposals can be read in their entirety here, along with a short video summary from this session by RFPU-NW Lead Negotiator, Dr. Kevin Steehler. 

Next (virtual) bargaining session: Wed, February 23rd from 3:00-7:00pm.
RFPU-NW encourages all of our co-residents to attend, please RSVP here.

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