The members of the Resident and Fellow Union – Northwest (RFPU-NW) are proud to stand in solidarity with the organizing Starbucks workers of Seattle and beyond! RFPU-NW believes every working person should be free to organize a union in their workplace without fear of retaliation. We are inspired by the unwavering unity and strength of The United Starbucks Workers as they continue to fight back against the anti-union tactics of their employer. 

Unions are the path toward better pay, benefits, and job security for all workers. More importantly, labor unions help to establish equitable workplaces free of discrimination for working people of all identies and backgrounds. By standing together, like these strong Starbucks workers, working class families face a future of prosperity for generations to come.

RFPU-NW welcomes our new siblings from Starbucks into the Labor Movement and stands behind those who are still fighting the good fight. In solidarity!

(We also thank you for helping keep us caffeinated during our long shifts in the hospital – we know union coffee will taste even better.)

In solidarity,

The UW Resident and Fellow Physicians of the Resident and Fellow Physician Union – Northwest

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