RFPU-NW and UW Labor Relations (UW) met for the sixth (virtual) bargaining session. 

Articles discussed:

Article 3, Childcare: UW proposed adding an additional $10,000/year to the Childcare Fund, for a total of $60,000/year. RFPU-NW estimates there are about 240 resident families at UW each year. UW also proposed adding multiple links to resources. As a response to RFPU-NW’s lactation proposal, UW proposed adding language memorializing already existing lactation protections. 

Article 8, Health & Safety: UW proposed adding language that a resident may report an unsafe working condition to any applicable local, state, or federal regulatory body. In response to RFPU-NW’s workplace violence proposal, UW proposed that the employer will develop and implement workplace violence prevention plans and training as required by state law and adding already existing state law language regarding time off and workers compensation. 

Article 15, Sick – Leave: Currently, residents receive 17 sick days (12 weekdays, and 5 weekend days). UW agreed to strike the weekday and weekend language. UW also agree to add mental health to the list of allowable appointments. 

Article 20, Non-Discrimination: UW agreed to RFPU-NW’s language that residents have up to 180 days to file non-discrimination grievances (in comparison to the current grievance language statign 60 days for all grievances). UW also agreed to RFPU-NW’s proposal language regarding allowing a resident to change their rotation schedule, including arranging for residents to acquire necessary training at outside institutions when needed. RFPU-NW agreed to add links to the university’s bias reporting tools. 

Article 22: Salary/Stipend: RFPU-NW agreed to updating salary/stipend language to “compensation.” RFPU-NW continues to propose a 8% annual increase to salary, with an adjustment to all base salaries, starting at $80,000/year for PGY1 residents. UW continues to offer a 1% annual increase. 

Article 24: Transportation: UW agreed to expand the Safe Ride Home to allow residents to use this service to their destination, not strictly their home address, and during all hours, not just when public transportation is not running. UW also proposed adding language siting specific locations for residents to receive free overnight and weekend parking at both UWMC and HMC. 

The proposals can be read in their entirety here, along with a short video summary from this session by RFPU-NW Lead Negotiator, Dr. Kevin Steehler. 

Next (virtual) bargaining session: Wed, April 6th from 3:00-7:00pm. 
RFPU-NW encourages all of our co-residents to attend, including incoming residents and fellows –  please RSVP here.

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