Patients who are incarcerated in King County’s jails are a mission population at Harborview Medical Center. Have you taken care of patients who are incarcerated at King County Jail (KCJ) or who are in police custody? Have you experienced challenges caring for these patients? You are not alone! The vast majority of trainees at UW take care of patients experiencing incarceration during their training, experience challenges or issues caring for these patients, and have had no formal training in this area. To address the lack of training and issues with patient care, a trainee-led grassroots task force was formed to address care for this vulnerable population. Although we requested that UW develop training and clarify their policies in this area, they have not made progress. We have developed our resources and education, which you can access here. Please check out the one-pager, which has key information and contact information for KCJ healthcare staff, and our 35 minute educational video! If you would like to be involved in this group, please email to find out more and join our listserv!

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