RFPU-NW and UW Labor Relations (UW) met for the twelfth (virtual) bargaining session. This session and all remaining sessions moving forward will include a Washington State Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) mediator.

Package Proposals:

  • The employer offered a package proposal include all remaining articles including Articles 1 (Definitions), 3 (Childcare), 6 (Fringe Benefits), 8 (Health & Safety), 13 (Leave – Miscellaneous), 14 (Leave – Professional), 16 (Leave – Vacation), 17 (Management Rights), 18 (Working Outside of the Training Program), 19 (No Strikes, No Lockouts), 20 (Non-Discrimination), 22 (Salary/Stipend), 24 (Transportation), 25 (Union Activities), 26 (Duration) and X (Scheduling, Hours, and Patient Care). All articles proposed were previously presented meaning they are original contract language or a previous employer proposal. The only articles with update proposals include Articles 3 (Childcare), 22 (Salary/Stipend), and 24 (Transportation). The employer increased the Childcare Fund from $70,000 to $75,000. They increased their annual increase offer to 3-3-2% over three years, but kept the same housing stipend of $5,000/year. They also added language requiring SCH to provide badges on the first day of rotations, and provide information regarding free parking and alternative transportation before the first day. Your union countered with a package proposal to TA remaining articles.
  • Your union countered the employer’s package proposal contingent on the employer’s agreement to our changed articles. We kept their proposed articles with updates to Articles 3 (Childcare), 6 (Fringe Benefits), 8 (Health & Safety), 22 (Salary/Stipend), 24 (Transportation), and X (Scheduling, Hours, and Patient Care). Notable changes include sticking to meal reimbursements for 8+ hour shifts and in the amount of $12 per meal, then $13 in years 2 and 3. Your union also lowered our request for a relocation stipend to $2800, introduced current UW policy language under workplace violence, accepted the employer language on SCH badges, and introduced full language of the previous parking settlement for night and weekend parking. Your union lowered the salary counter to 3-3-3% over three years, and kept the housing stipend at $11,400/year.
  • The employer countered with another version of the earlier package proposal including all remaining articles. Changes were made in Articles 3 (Childcare), 6 (Fringe Benefits), 22 (Salary/Stipend), and X (Scheduling, Hours, and Patient Care). Notable proposals include agreeing to allow lactation pumping outside of designated pump rooms “provided privacy and safety can be accommodated”, increasing the meal stipend to $11-$12-$13 over three years, 3-3-3% annual salary increase, $5k-$5k-$6k housing allowance, and new language that residents will be not disciplined for reporting work hour violations. Some small financial wins, but overall these proposals were rejected being unable to agree to the few articles we are still far apart on. We are also waiting on a counter to Article 24 (Transportation).

The proposals can be read in their entirety here, along with a short video summary from this session by RFPU-NW Lead Negotiator, Dr. Kevin Steehler. 

Next (virtual) bargaining session: Wed, June 22nd from 3:00-7:00pm. RFPU-NW encourages all of our co-residents to attend, including incoming residents and fellows –  please RSVP here.

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