We have the utmost confidence that these candidates will be allies and partners with our union, healthcare workers, and the labor movement at large in the Seattle region.

Read below to learn more about who we endorsed and why we encourage you to vote for these candidates in the August primaries.

The RFPU – NW Political Advocacy Working Group recommends Emily Alvarado. She is a mother of two, an attorney, and affordable housing leader as Director of the City of Seattle Office of Housing. Alvarado is from a working family of educators that led to her continued support of social activism and the labor movement. She has built coalitions and partnerships with local unions, engaging in collective actions in solidarity. Her dedication to fighting the housing and homelessness crisis includes investing in permanent affordable housing and renter protections, that would greatly benefit our residents, and can be seen in her oversight of the Seattle Housing Levy. Alvarado believes deeply in advancing equity for BIPOC, low-income, immigrant, disabled, youth, and LGBTQIA+ communities, supporting programs that expand and make childcare more accessible, as well as reproductive justice, issues that are timely and critical to our members. In addition to addressing housing, she wants to prioritize affordable healthcare, public education, and changing Washington’s tax system to have shared prosperity amongst working people. Alvarado’s commitment to justice and opportunity will contribute to better living conditions for our members and patients.

You can read her response to our endorsement questionnaire here.

The RFPU – NW Political Advocacy Working Group recommends incumbent Rep. Liz Berry. She is a working mother, strong advocate for women in leadership, and prioritizes climate change, ending gun violence, reproductive justice, the housing crisis, and fighting for workers. Rep. Berry received our endorsement in 2020. Rep. Berry has a strong history of being involved in the labor movement, and we have seen her on the picket line supporting our fellow healthcare workers. Rep. Berry was a cosponsor on our interest arbitration bill, HB 1764 which would have allowed us to strengthen our bargaining power via access to interest arbitration. She is currently Vice Chair of the House Labor and Workplace Standards Committee and championed various labor issues in her first term, including sponsoring HB 1795 to ban secrecy in NDAs and settlement agreements for those who experience harassment, discrimination, retaliation and wage theft in the workplace, HB 1073 expanding coverage of Washington’s Paid Family & Medical Leave program, and HB 1206 to protect temporary workers; to name a few. All of these bills passed in 2022. We are confident that Rep. Berry will continue to be a champion for workers in her district, and across Washington state.

You can read her response to our endorsement questionnaire from 2020.

the RFPU – NW Political Advocacy Working Group recommends Melissa Taylor. She is a mother and small business owner with a unique background in healthcare and the systemic inequities that exist within it. Taylor has been a dedicated activist and advocate for progressive policies to address the most urgent issues in our community, including income inequality and lack of affordable housing. She has continuously demonstrated her dedication to the labor movement from standing with teachers on the picket line to publicly supporting other local unions through her work with Persist PAC and King County Democrats. Taylor helped convince the legislature to pass Senate Bills 5996 and 6471, which protect workers from sexual harassment. Her team is the first legislative campaign to unionize in Washington State. She is dedicated to addressing the housing crisis, one of the most immediately pressing issues for our members. She supports expanding renter protections by removing the ban on rent control, increasing financial assistance for renters, and increasing the supply of public housing. In addition, she is passionate about improving affordable access to childcare, which is out of reach for many residents. Her innovative ideas and passion will help improve the lives of our members and patients.

You can read her response to our endorsement questionnaire here.

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