Nominations Open: March 6-21
Election: March 27-April 3

Are you someone who wants to be the face of RFPU and represent the collective voice of your co-residents and fellows? Do you want to advocate for better conditions for residents and their patients? Are you interested in understanding the power dynamics in your hospital and nationally that affect your working conditions? Do you want to gain experience in contract negotiations, political lobbying, and organizing? Become a trained spokesperson, member organizer, and more?

Currently, RFPU has an Executive Board of 6 members, and a General Board with up to an additional 12 members. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Lead Negotiator (leads Grievance team), Collective Action Chair (leads Collective Action team), Membership Engagement Chair (leads Membership Engagement team), and Political Advocacy Chair (leads Political Advocacy team). You can read more about chair positions and responsibilities here.

Moving forward, RFPU board members will also serve as national CIR Delegates to represent our chapter, with 15 Delegates and 2 Alternates (17 seats total).

What is a CIR Delegate?
CIR leaders are the most important factor towards building a strong union in our hospitals. CIR delegates and representatives lead the way in organizing for change that improves our hospitals and the communities we serve. As frontline providers, we see issues that attendings and hospital administrators miss; we’re in a unique position to drive change for patient care, our training, and how the hospital is run. CIR representatives and delegates are the eyes, ears and mouth of CIR. We keep our CIR chapter strong and engaged.

The role and expectations of Board Members and Delegates are almost identical. CIR Delegates begin their training and service in March and April before the National Convention in May to prepare for the upcoming academic year. Delegates are required to attend the National Convention May 5-7 in Los Angeles.

How do I apply and what is the process?

Apply through the form button linked above and below. Your photo, bio, and summary of why you’re interested in running will be included with the member ballot and on a nominee webpage for members to put a face to the name and learn a bit more about board/delegate candidates. We are also asking if you are interested in any of the executive board/chair positions listed above. These positions will not be listed on the ballot, but instead appointed internally after the election is finalized.

After the election, you will be contacted to schedule an onboarding meeting and additional regional meeting in April before the CIR National Convention.

Appointment dates: In addition to the two meetings in April, the Convention May 5-7, you will serve as a board member/delegate from July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024.

Compensation: President (2x Chief stipend amount per month), Executive Board (1x Chief stipend amount per month), General Board (0.5x Chief stipend amount per month)


  • All Board Positions are expected to contribute 4+ hours each month (which includes the monthly board meeting)
  • Specific chair and position responsibilities linked above
  • Lead or be involved in at least one RFPU working group or CIR committee
  • Having a basic knowledge of your contract and union resources
  • Identifying the issues your colleagues care about through one-on-one and group conversations
  • Strategizing with other RFPU board members/CIR leaders and staff to problem-solve and organize around difficult workplace issues
  • Recruiting non-members to join your Union and get involved
  • Moving colleagues to action in order to win the things they care about
  • Identifying colleagues who want to get involved in leadership
  • Bridging communication between RFPU/CIR members, executive board members, and staff


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