Previously, UW was not reimbursing residents who took and paid for their USMLE/COMLEX Step III exam before arriving here; despite that our contract states all residents are to be reimbursed for this exam. This was impacting a large number of residents who do their prelim year elsewhere. This exam costs $850, so this will put a significant amount of money back in residents’ pockets!

Grievance Team members filed this grievance in August 2020.

This grievance win is memorialized for residents starting on 1/25/21, in addition to reimbursement for the resident who was the grievant.

Read below for the full details. Great job to the grievant for bringing this to the grievance team’s attention. 

Grievance Win: Chief Resident Stipends

For the past three years, psychiatry department leadership has made various attempts to avoid paying all chief residents their monthly stipend. This has never sat right with residents. This year, RFPU was enlisted to advocate for psychiatry residents and hold the employer accountable to our contract. In late January, the formal grievance process was pursued to prevent stipend withholding from future classes. Due to the requirements of the grievance process, the RFPU grievance team was able to enforce that psychiatry department leadership work with GME to update their policy and provide a written guarantee to pay all current and future psychiatry chief residents their full stipend. This is a huge success! 

Thank you to the psychiatry residents who reached out to us and advocated for their peers!

If your program is withholding chief resident stipends (regardless of FTE), please reach out to let us know. All chief residents are guaranteed $175/month.

Parking Grievance Reimbursements

Due to a recent settlement agreement between the UW and UWHA, UWHA members are entitled to free night and weekend parking going forward (as specified below), and may be entitled to a refund of previously paid night and/or weekend parking at UWMC and/or HMC. Please read this entire email for details of how to request your refund.  

At HMC, free night and weekend parking is already available as below. For UWMC-Montlake, free night and weekend parking will be available as below starting on June 8, 2020. 

Effective June 8, 2020, UWHA members will have access to free parking during the following dates/times:  

·       Weekends: 12am Saturday to 11:59pm Sunday 

·       Nights: 4pm to 8am, Monday to Sunday 

Free parking will be available in the following locations:  

·       UWMC-Montlake: Triangle Parking Garage 

·       HMC: P1, P2, P3, and P4 Lots 

The process for obtaining free parking will be as follows:  

·       UWMC-Montlake: When a resident enters the Triangle Garage after 4 p.m. or on a weekend, they should take a ticket at the gate. Prior to exiting the Triangle Garage, a resident must stop at the kiosk and obtain a card for exiting the garage gate for free. If the resident exits after 8 a.m. for scheduled or emergent patient care and is charged an overage, the resident shall request reimbursement for such charges directly from their department. The department is required to pay this overage and any questions or concerns about this should be directed to GME. 

·       HMC: Residents shall use their PPUP cards to enter and leave the garage. When a resident enters the parking garage after 4 p.m. or on a weekend, the resident will not be charged for parking if they exit the garage before 8 a.m. or on the weekend. If the resident exits after 8 a.m. for scheduled or emergent patient care and is charged an overage, the resident shall request reimbursement for such charges directly from their department. The department is required to pay this overage and any questions or concerns about this should be directed to GME. 

Residents are not allowed to park in the Triangle Garage during weekday day shifts. Those who do so may be subject to corrective action. 

Current and former UWHA members can claim refunds for past night and weekend parking paid back to 9/28/18 using the following process: 

·        All claims must be submitted by July 25, 2020 

·        To claim a refund, send an email including the following information: 

o   Identify dates on which resident parked during a night or a weekend and the amount resident was required to pay on each occasion. 

o   Contacts are: 

§  For UWMC: Harper Olsen (

§  For HMC: 

o   You will then receive compensation by September 23, 2020 

Additional information: 

·       If either HMC or UWMC has reasonable cause to believe that claims submitted did not involve the resident incurring fees during a night or weekend period, the office may request additional proof from the resident that the claimed amount was actually incurred.  

·       Reasonable cause requires the UW to identify particular evidence supporting its belief that the claim is invalid, such as evidence that the resident was not scheduled to work a night or weekend shift on the date of a particular claim, or that the claimed amount did not correspond with the rates the resident would have incurred. 

o   A request for additional proof will be made within 30 days of the claim being submitted. You will then have 30 days to submit additional proof to support the claim. 

o   You will then receive your refund within 60 days as above. 

o   If you do not receive what you feel you are owed, let UWHA know at and UWHA will help you file a grievance.  

If you are charged for night or weekend parking in violation of the above, please report this to GME at and copy UWHA at immediately for resolution. If your claim is questioned or rejected, please let UWHA know immediately at You can read the entire settlement agreement here.

UWHA Settles Vacation Time Grievance with employer

After nine months of debate, UWHA and Labor Relations were able to come to an agreement in ensuring that residents and fellows are not improperly losing vacation time guaranteed to them.

Previously, residents and fellows who scheduled vacation time (or sick time) that sandwiched a holiday (or weekend depending on the program), would have the already scheduled day off, count against their vacation (or sick) time. Vacation time is already minimal for residents and fellows, and many residents were losing additional days due to this guidance.

The employer has agreed to update the policy, stating that programs cannot code holidays or weekends as vacation, when the resident is not scheduled to work.

This will go into effect on July 1, 2020.

Thank you to the residents who brought this to our attention and our grievance team for their persistence and dedication.