Annual Spring Childcare Fund Timeline
Application Open: March 1st
Application Deadline: 11:59pm on March 15th
Notice from RFPU:
By March 18th
11:59pm on March 25th
Disbursement from UW HR: Usually within 2-3 pay periods after appeals date

Apply for the Spring 2023 Childcare Fund here

Annual Fall Childcare Fund Timeline
Application Open: September 1st
Application Deadline:
11:59pm on September 15th
Notice from RFPU:
By September 18th
11:59pm on September 25th
Disbursement from UW HR:
Usually within 2-3 pay periods after appeals date

Application Notice: We send the application link to members via their non-work email address. If you are not receiving emails from us on your non-work email, please let us know right away by emailing We are not allowed to email you on your work email.

Purpose: The RFPU Childcare Program is a benefit to help support residents and fellows with young children.

Amount: Unfortunately, the funds are limited: at this point just $75,000 for all dues-paying members annually. This is a benefit negotiated in the contract, and is subsidized by the employer. We feel that, using the input many of you provided to us, we devised a set of criteria that is fair, and as broadly inclusive as it can be. We will continue to fight to expand this fund in the next contract.

Childcare Fund Eligibility and Determination Criteria:

Inclusion Criteria. Inclusion is based on the household income, expressed in Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

  • Must be a dues-paying member of the RFPU
  • For a Single-Income Household: AGI < 100% PGY-9 level salary qualifies
  • For a Dual-Income Household: AGI < 160% PGY-9 level salary qualifies
  • Regardless of household income, two UW resident-parent households will always be included

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Residents who do not have children

All eligible residents are assigned a score, based on the following criteria:

  • 1 point for every qualifying resident
  • Residents with an extreme financial hardship receive additional points:
    • 0.5 pt: Single-Income Households with AGI < 80% PGY-1 level salary
    • 0.5 pt: Dual-Income Households with AGI < 160% PGY-1 level salary
    • 0.5 pt: Additional for Single-Parent Households
  • For children 5 years old or under (to reflect the added costs of childcare for young children), there are additional points added:
    • 0.66 pt for each child <1yr (not including unborn children)
    • 0.5 pt for each child 1-2yo
    • 0.33 pt for each child 3-4yo
    • 0.15 pt for each child 5yo

Other Guidelines:

  • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) can be found on form 1040/1040A/1040EZ of your tax return. AGI is Household based, if significant others (SOs) are filing taxes separately then the submitted AGI must be the sum of the resident and SO’s AGIs filed separately.
  • Two Resident Households constitute those in which both parents are RFPU members. 
  • For Two Resident Households, each resident-parent would qualify for the baseline 1 pt. Two resident households should submit one application. The extreme financial hardship and weighted scores per child will each be applied only once for the household (to avoid counting each child more than once). 
  • Single-Parent Households are those in which the resident has no SO living in the home and/or no SO contributing to childcare outside the home 
  • Dual-Income Household is defined as the SO working >50% FTE. Households with SOs who are full-time students would also count as a dual-income household. 
  • Residents who have separated from one another and share a child (or children) together will be counted as separate households. The weighted scores from the children in such a scenario will be cut in half, with one-half of the score going to each resident. 
  • Application timetable: Every September and March 
  • Once weighted scores are calculated, and prior to disbursement, the decision to include in the disbursement group or not, as well as the weighted score, will be sent to those residents who responded to the eligibility survey and given 1 week to appeal the decision or weighted score. 
  • Applications are done on the honor system. Please be honest. You will be asked to legally attest that the information you are providing is accurate. 

Apply for the Spring 2023 Childcare Fund here