• The Resident & Fellow Physician Union – Northwest is able to run because of members like you! All of our funding comes directly from member dues or financial subsidies from UW, per our contract.

    Dues-paying benefits include:
  • Grant fund: RFPU disburses $25,000 in grant funding to dues-paying members each year. Applications are sent out each fall.
  • Childcare fund: RFPU disburses $75,000 in childcare funding to dues-paying members each year. Watch for the email regarding applications in March and September each year. There are eligibility requirements, but most trainees with kids qualify for some monetary support. Average disbursement is between $400-$1,600 per family, per year.
  • Post-Training Contract Review: We have an agreement with our lawyer to pay for half of your fee if you go through their office to review the contract for your job after you’ve finished training. She can review contracts issued in any state (with a brief review of that state’s laws– and she’ll give you a referral if she’s unable to review your contract herself). Email admin@rfpu.org with a request to be referred to her.
  • Free notary services: Contact admin@rfpu.org – we will reimburse notary fees up to $20.00.
  • Access to Membership Events (social and educational)
  • Voting Rights for Board Elections, Political Endorsements, and Constitutional Changes
  • Ability to Run for Board positions: Executive and General Board positions which influence all aspects of our work (including negotiations) are only open to dues-paying members
  • The warm feeling of solidarity that you’re contributing to improving working conditions for residents/fellows (and in turn, employees across UW)

Dues: 0.5% of your PGY Salary