Welcome to RFPU/CIR!

Thank you to everyone that supported your Union’s affiliation with CIR/SEIU. Your Union’s board and staff have been working behind the scenes since December combining resources, benefits, and structures to bring you an updated list of all of the new things you have access to as newly-affiliated CIR/SEIU members. Check out everything below!

We hope this a helpful resource, and recommend referring back to it when questions arise.

New Member Benefits

Until our next contract negotiations, all current RFPU member benefits will stay the same including: Safe Ride HomeContract Review ServiceChildcare FundResearch Grant Fund, and notary fee reimbursements.

Through CIR, you now have access to:

Immigration Legal Services – A free consultation on an immigration matter with a cooperating immigration attorney. If you decide to retain the attorney for the same immigration matter, you also get a 20% discount on the attorney’s normal rate. If you have questions or are interested in using this benefit, please contact the CIR Legal Department at (212) 356-8195 or legal@cirseiu.org. They are also a great resource for general legal questions and inquiries including taxes, specific resident income issues, etc.

Student Debt Services – Do you have questions about your repayment options and their cost? Are you worried about how repayment will change once you transition out of your residency/fellowship? The Committee of Interns and Residents and CIR Legal Services will be hosting an informative webinar for CIR residents presented by a national expert on student loans. A question and answer session will follow the presentation. Repaying Student Debt: An Education Debt Webinar for CIR Residents. We are currently working to bring you this annual informational webinar in the near future. You will have access to more CIR benefits when worked into our next, stronger contract!

Through SEIU, you now have access to:

Financial Benefits
Financial Wellness Program – Helps you explore spending habits, planning and protecting your money and assets, savings and investing, family finances, retirement planning, and more.
Student Debt Navigator – Helps you understand and manage your loans, get personalized repayment options, understand for eligibility for loan forgiveness, and support from student loan experts.
Home Financing Program – Competitive interest rates, exclusive discounts on mortgage and refinancing solutions, including a special First Time Homebuyer Program.
Personal Loans – Access to personal loans over $5,000 with fixed rates and other beneficial specifications.
Credit Cards – Access to a number of credit cards with different rewards, interest rates, promotional rates, etc. including Rewards Visa CardPlatinum Edition Visa Card, and Visa Secured Card.

Insurance Benefits
Term Life Insurance Plan – Discounted rates, flexible coverage plans, benefits when striking, and a lot information on recommended plans.
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Plan – Guaranteed acceptance, coverage for financial hardship for your family and loved ones after death.
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Plan – Coverage for you and your loved ones in case of an accident with optional coverage for family members, economical rates, and flexible plans.
Accident and Injury Insurance Plan – Coverage for you and your family to defray out-of-pocket medical and non-medical costs that arise from an unexpected accident.
Auto and Home Insurance – Savings on auto, home, condo, and renters insurance; multi-policy and safe driving discounts; personalized coverage options; free quotes; and more.
Legal Services Program – Access to affordable legal services like family coverage, comprehensive benefits, defense services, estate planning, document prep and review, and more.
Family Childcare Insurance – Liability insurance for home childcare owners.

Travel Discounts
Car Rentals – Up to 25% off car rentals from major car rental companies, price match guarantee, and more benefits.
Hotels – Up to 60% off hotel accommodations internationally, with many more benefits and perks.
Airfare – Guaranteed lowest price comparisons, additional airline points, and more.
Resorts – Up to 50% off resort booking internationally, price match guarantee, and more perks.
Guided Tours – Designed vacation itineraries when booking other travel through SEIU, tour packages and more through major tour companies.
Cruises – Exclusive cruise deals from top lines, plus onboard credits, specialty dining packages, prepaid gratuities, shore excursions and much more.
Activities – Discounts on tickets to theme parks, zoos, museums, etc.; discounts on passes while traveling like snorkeling, paddle boarding, and more.

Discounts and Deals
Discount Marketplace – Exclusive discounts for members at over 3,500 stores and cash back deals.
Discount Tickets Program – Member-only access to up to 40% off amusement/water parks, Broadway shows, concerts, sporting events, and more.
Easy Pay Program – Online shopping payment plans without a credit card with flexible plans.
AT&T – Savings of $10/month per phone line through AT&T Unlimited Premium with additional discounts.
Auto Buying Program – Handle all aspects of your vehicle purchase at home from certified dealers across the nation.
Costco – Discounted promo code and renewal rates for new Costco members.
Office and School Supplies Program – Up to 75% off supplies for work, school, and home with discounts at Office Depot, OfficeMax, Lenovo, and HP products.
New Committees and Groups

We’re excited to share some committees and groups you can now join to plug into a national network of residents advocating for doctors and their patients through legislation, mobilization, and resources across chapters and states. During this time, it’s important that leaders like you have a say in shaping the direction of your union. Join hundreds of your colleagues around the country who are leading on important issues. Below is information on CIR’s task forces and committees, and more on how you can get involved.

Reproductive Justice Committee – In addition to robbing patients of human rights and privacy, the criminalization of reproductive healthcare is negatively impacting the ability for residents to obtain training that is comprehensive, safe for patients, and evidence-based. The committee is working to expand access to medication and procedural abortion training, creating resources for residents to understand potential civil and criminal ramifications, and supporting the work of others in repro justice advocacy. Sign up here with any interest or questions!

Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism (DIAR) Task Force – Aims to develop national strategy and advance local organizing around health equity, racial justice and improving social determinants of health for our patients, members and communities. Sign up here with any interest or questions!

Committee of Political Education (COPE) – In addition to robbing patients of human rights and privacy, the criminalization of reproductive healthcare is negatively impacting the ability for residents to obtain training that is comprehensive, safe for patients, and evidence-based. The committee is working to expand access to medication and procedural abortion training, creating resources for residents to understand potential civil and criminal ramifications, and supporting the work of others in repro justice advocacy. As many of you may know, we are working on the second year of filing our Interest Arbitration bill, HB 1307. COPE has been and will be integral to passing this legislation to strengthen our bargaining power, and any other legislative or political projects you and your co-residents want to prioritize.
Contact Marisa Szeps at mszeps@cirseiu.org to get involved or with any questions.

Student Debt Committee – The literature demonstrates that debt levels carried by the U.S. physician workforce are negatively associated with mental well-being and academic outcomes, an issue of grave concern given that physicians are most at-risk for burnout and suicide. Debt is also a prime driver in the underrepresentation of minorities in medicine, as rising levels of educational debt disproportionately affects minority students and limits their representation in health professions. The SDC is working to influence the United States Department of Education to implement further debt relief expansions/improvements
Contact Marisa Szeps at mszeps@cirseiu.org to get involved or with any questions.
New Board/Delegate Election Process

We will be sharing more detailed information as the election approaches and nominations open!

Currently, RFPU has an Executive Board of 6 members, and a General Board with up to an additional 12 members. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Lead Negotiator (leads Grievance team), Collective Action Chair (leads Collective Action team), Membership Engagement Chair (leads Membership Engagement team), and Political Advocacy Chair (leads Political Advocacy team).

Moving forward, RFPU board members will also serve as national CIR Delegates to represent our chapter, with 15 Delegates and 2 Alternates.

What is a CIR Delegate?
CIR leaders are the most important factor towards building a strong union in our hospitals. CIR delegates and representatives lead the way in organizing for change that improves our hospitals and the communities we serve. As frontline providers, we see issues that attendings and hospital administrators miss; we’re in a unique position to drive change for patient care, our training, and how the hospital is run. CIR representatives and delegates are the eyes, ears and mouth of CIR. We keep our CIR chapter strong and engaged.

The role and expectations of Board Members and Delegates are almost identical. CIR Delegates begin their training and service in March and April before the National Convention in May to prepare for the upcoming academic year.

Starting next year, our Board/Delegate elections will take place in February. This year, to hybridize our structures and election processes, we will hold our Board/Delegate election in March.

If you are interested in representing the collective voice of residents at UW, advocate for better residency working conditions, develop a better understanding of the power dynamics in your hospital, and more, please reach out to Bryce Walker at membershipmanager@rfpu.org.
New Contacts

RFPU/CIR Chapter Staff:
RFPU contract questions or union representation, membershipmanager@rfpu.org
All other questions, admin@rfpu.org
Bryce Walker, Contract Organizer, bwalker@cirseiu.org
Holly Thompson, Contract Organizer, hthompson@cirseiu.org
Niña Cerdiña, National Field Director, ncerdina@cirseiu.org

CIR Contacts:
General CIR membership questions, info@cirseiu.org
Immigration and Legal Services, legal@cirseiu.org
Reproductive Justice Committee, contact form here
DIAR Task Force, contact form here
COPE, Marisa Szeps, mszeps@cirseiu.org
Student Debt Committee, Marisa Szeps, mszeps@cirseiu.org

SEIU Contacts:
Member Benefits, ask-us@seiumb.com

Follow CIR/SEIU on social media!
As always, please reach out to admin@rfpu.org with any questions about your new benefits and resources, the affiliation, or anything else.

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