Department Representatives (Dept Reps) are the liaisons between each residency/fellow program and RFPU-NW. These are volunteer, non-elected positions. Dept Reps answer their co-resident/fellows questions, escalate to the board when necessary, and communicate with their co-residents/fellows regarding RFPU-NW updates.

If you’re experiencing any issues in your program or have questions about how you get involved, your program representative is a great resource.

By becoming a leader, you will be taking the first step to building a stronger union. Leaders play a crucial role. They make sure their co-residents/fellows’ rights are protected. They listen to their co-residents/fellows and unite people to see that “We are the Union!”- acting together is how we address issues around safety, fairness, and our rights. 

Being a Dept Rep is a minimal time commitment, but it does require being willing to engage with your co-residents/fellows on a regular basis. There is no limitation for the number of Dept Reps per program, the more of you who sign-up, the better!

To become a Dept Rep for the ’22-23 year, sign up here! (accepting throughout the year!)