Program representatives are the liaisons between each residency/fellow program and RFPU-NW. At most unions, these are referred to as union stewards. Each program has a minimum of one. These are volunteer, non-elected positions. They answer resident questions, escalate to the board when necessary, and communicate with the residents regarding RFPU-NW news.

If you’re experiencing any issues in your program or have questions about the union, your program representative is a great resource.

If you’re interested in signing up as a program representative, reach out to and we will chat with you about what this entails. Program representatives are welcome to join on at any point in the year.

See below for current 2020-2021 academic year:

Dr. Amy ZhangBoard Member
Dr. Cristina LondonoProgram Rep
Dr. Eric ExnerProgram Rep
Dr. Sheryl-vi RicoBoard Member
Dr. Daniel BarronProgram Rep
Dr. Lauren BonomoProgram Rep
Diagnostic Radiology
Dr. Andrew KimProgram Rep
Dr. Diana ChristensenProgram Rep
Emergency Medicine
Dr. Axel AdamsBoard Member
Dr. Lola MudgistratovaBoard Member
Dr. Zach WettsteinProgram Rep
​​Family Medicine
Dr. Allison CummingsBoard Member
Dr. Andrew Stine-RoweProgram Rep
Dr. Kami VeltriProgram Rep
Dr. Heidi ReichProgram Rep
General Surgery
​​Internal Medicine – Seattle
Dr. Alex AdamiBoard Member
Dr. Andrew WilmingtonBoard Member
Dr. Brandon PeplinskiBoard Member
Dr. Hasib YousufzaiBoard Member
Dr. Kevin SteehlerBoard Member
Dr. Mallette AsmuthProgram Rep
Dr. Nic BaddourBoard Member
Dr. Nicholas WangProgram Rep
Dr. Ryan ClodfelterBoard Member
Internal Medicine – Boise
Dr. Jorge AlchammasProgram Rep
​​Neurological Surgery
Dr. Amy SteinbergProgram Rep
Dr. George PlummerProgram Rep
Dr. Kasra SarhadiProgram Rep
​Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Andrea SanchezProgram Rep
Dr. Sanika GadkariProgram Rep
​Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Dr. Kellie SatterfieldBoard Member
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Aparna BhatProgram Rep
Dr. Kanvar PanesarProgram Rep
​Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. Brian VasquezProgram Rep
Dr. Eli BunzelProgram Rep
Dr. Eve ChampalouxBoard Member
Dr. Ricard PulidoProgram Rep
​Pathology and Lab Medicine
Dr. Isaac MillerProgram Rep
Dr. Bob SunProgram Rep
Dr. Sara DrescherProgram Rep
Dr. Tara SardesaiProgram Rep
​​​Physical Medicine & Rehab
Dr. Alicia SeedsBoard Member
Dr. Amanda WiseBoard Member
Dr. Heather BarnettBoard Member
Dr. Jami MontagninoProgram Rep
Dr. Nora LiProgram Rep
Plastic Surgery
Dr. Vanessa LeonhardProgram Rep
​Psychiatry – Seattle
Dr. Carol BarnesProgram Rep
Dr. Joellyn SheehyProgram Rep
Dr. McKenzie MomanyProgram Rep
Dr. Nazin SedehiProgram Rep
Dr. Tim KellyBoard Member
Psychiatry – Boise
Dr. Shamus MoranProgram Rep
Vascular Surgery
Dr. Amit PunjariProgram Rep