RFPU – NW Research Award

The objective of the Resident & Fellow Physician Union Research Award is to fund high quality resident/fellow scholarship. The primary purpose of this award is to help defray travel, subsistence, and registration expenses to attend research conferences at which the applicant is presenting a poster or podium presentation. The RFPU’s financial resources are limited and our intent is so support as many projects as possible. Thus, the maximum budget for each project will be $1,400. Applications should include background about the area of investigation, a proposed research project including a specific hypothesis and a brief description of the methods to be used, a timeline for the project, a budget, and references. You may (but certainly do not need to) submit preliminary data. Completed applications should not be more than 5 pages (and can be much less).

Please Note: Due to travel restrictions being lifted, the grant fund has returned to being exclusively for travel related to your research.

All dues-paying RPFU members are eligible. Only one application per member.

To submit please review the information below and prepare a word document containing the completed application.

Application Deadline: September 11th, 2022 by 11:59pm

Application Submission: Will open on August 22, 2022

Proposals will be anonymously reviewed and scored by this year’s RFPU board members. We will notify applicants of the results by email in mid-October 2022.

Proposal Guidelines:

Executive summary (250 words)

  • If your project is funded, this summary will be posted on our website.
  • Provide a brief overview of the problem studied and what you propose to do to research it.

Background (up to 1/2 page)

  • What are you interested in and why is this an important problem to study?
  • This does not need to be an in-depth review, but it should be enough for a peer reviewer to understand your project.

Proposed Research Project (1-3 pages)

  • State your hypothesis in one sentence.
  • Include specific aims (maximum of 2) and (very) brief methods.
  • Specify who you will be working with and where the work will be done.

Timeline (up to 1/2 page)

  • Specify when the research will be carried out and any significant project milestones.

Budget (up to 1/2 page)

  • Budget CAN include: expenses associated with attending a scientific meeting (in-person or virtually) during AY22-23, such as abstract submission fees, airfare, hotel, meeting registration, meals (cannot exceed $70 per diem), taxi/uber, etc.
  • Budget CANNOT include: research supplies and equipment (reagents, software, machines), contracted personal services (research subjects, outside consultants), supplies and materials (books, assays, equipment, computer hardware/software), gift cards, salaries, or indirect costs.
  • Budget cannot exceed $1400. If budget exceeds $1400, you must find other sources to support your meeting expenses or research expenses.
  • In the Budget Justification section, describe why attending this meeting or undertaking this research project is important to your career development/research and discuss other funding sources if the requested budget cannot fully support the meeting expenses or research expenses.
  • Please note that these funds will only support in-person travel if the applicant will be the presenting author. Proof of abstract acceptance and receipts for meeting expenses will be required for reimbursement. Awarded funds that are not used by 6/30/2024 will be forfeited by the awardee. Extensions will be granted if requested for up to 6 additional months, if the awardee is still a current dues-paying member in the subsequent year.

References (up to 1/2 page)

  • Mark each citation with sequential numbers.
  • Format references according to the AMA Manual of Style 10th edition.

Grant Formatting

  • 0.5″ page margins, single-spaced, no less than 12-point Arial font (regular).
  • 5 pages maximum.
  • Use of provided template below is required. Please contact us if you are having difficulty using this template.
  • Please do not submit PDFs. Any PDF submissions will be rejected without review. We will contact you if the formatting of your grant appears to be corrupted.

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