RFPU is committed to protecting resident and fellow rights and ensuring fair implementation of the contract. In cases where UW has violated the contract or treated residents unfairly we have aggressively pursued legal and public action to protect residents. When necessary we work with Schwerin Campbell Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt LLP, the Pacific Northwest’s largest union-side labor and employment law firm. We partner with other labor unions at UW and in Washington State to work on issues relevant to housestaff. We have also worked with local government such as the Seattle City Council to advocate for housestaff rights.

If you are a resident or fellow and are concerned that you have been treated unfairly please contact RFPU so that we can advocate for you.

A timeline/summary of recent labor disputes between residents and UW is shown below:

  • 10/25/16: Residents ratify new contract
  • 11/1/16: After ratification UW argues that reimbursement for USMLE and medical licenses should not be applicable for costs incurred prior to ratification of the contract. UWHA threatens legal action
  • 11/7/16: UW agrees that residents should be reimbursed for USMLE step III AND WA State medical licenses. UW and UWHA sign a Memorandum of Understanding guaranteeing that UW to reimburse housestaff back to July 1, 2016
  • 1/12/17: UW claimed that new hires would not be reimbursed for medical licenses in violation of the contract. UWHA threatens legal action
  • 1/18/17: UW agrees to reimburse new hires for licenses
  • 5/10/17: GME decides to cut funding for Childcare Program and for Bike Transportation Programs. UWHA files two grievances in protest
  • 7/13/17: GME tries to circumvent Internal Moonlighting when updating their Policies. UWHA files a grievance to prevent this
  • 7/18/17: Labor Relations rules in favor or the UWHA and grants their grievances in regards to the Childcare Program and Bike Fund
  • 9/8/17: GME allows programs to partially reimburse state Medical Licenses, the UWHA files a grievance to argue a breach of contract
  • 3/30/18: UWHA and GME reach a compromised settlement on the grievance regarding Internal Moonlighting and Extra Pay for Extra Duty.
  • 11/30/18: UWHA files a grievance to address UW’s failure to pay for parking for overnight and weekend shifts worked by residents and fellows.
  • 5/8/20: UWHA and UW Labor Relations come to settlement agreement on Parking Grievance
  • 2/23/21: RFPU and UW Labor Relations resolve Psychiatry Chief Resident Grievance, ensuring that all psychiatry chiefs receive their due chief stipends, regardless of the FTE assigned.