Working Groups are made up of both Board Members and rank and file RFPU-NW members. All dues-paying RFPU-NW members can join. Email if you’re interested in joining and we will get you looped into this work!

Negotiation Team

Lead bargaining at the negotiating table with Labor Relations. This requires prepping all initial proposals and subsequent follow up proposals, in addition to communicating progress with full membership. This team works closely with the Collective Action Working Group to coordinate priority issues with the action timeline. 

Collective Action Working Group

Mobilize the membership to engage in collective actions to support contract negotiations or grievances. This involves formulating strategies for escalation, coordinating board requests for escalation, distributing communication, and assigning various escalation actions to the members of the board. This team works closely with RFPU staff.

Membership Engagement Working Group

Recruit incoming interns and current residents and fellows to dues-paying membership. This team is also responsible for communications and outreach to members year round, including social events and workshops. This team also oversees the Program Representatives program. 

Social Media Working Group

Engage the membership using social platforms. This requires topical posting to these accounts in addition to the coordination of series’, with the assistance of RFPU staff. This position may also expand RFPU online presence through message boards, Reddit, etc.

Public and Media Relations Work Group

Manage and leverage relationships with the media and the public. Creates and disseminates press releases and editorials that support ongoing union work and actions.

Inter-Union Relations Working Group

Serve as liaisons to the other UW unions. Team members should attend via phone the monthly Union Coalition meeting in which all UW unions discuss the issues they are facing.Team members coordinate with other unions to address shared issues and provide solidarity.Team members also coordinate with resident unions across the nation.

Grievance Working Group

Assist the Lead Negotiator with handling grievances and enforcing the contract. Team members will speak with members about potential contract violations and closely coordinate with other groups (particularly Public Relations and Collective Action) as their work relates to grievances.

Political Advocacy Working Group

Advocate for pro-labor, pro-healthcare, intersectional issues. Work with RFPU-NW staff to leverage key political allies to influence at a local and state level. Lead efforts to identify campaigns and initiatives to endorse and partner with. Team members lead the endorsement process for state and local elections. 

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Alumni Relations Working Group

Engage alumni members through listserv and create content for general updates, actions, and potential fundraising.

Caring for patients who are incarcerated Task Force

Co-led with trainees from the Housestaff Quality and Safety Council (HQSC), Network of Underrepresented Residents and Fellows (NURF), and RFPU – NW.

Exploring issues related to the care of incarcerated patients and armed law enforcement presence in our hospitals and clinics. Interest in this topic was spurred by multiple trainee reports of a lack of knowledge regarding how best to care for these patients as well as concerns about patient safety and privacy in the setting of forensic restraints and armed law enforcement officers.

Childcare Caucus

Advocate for improved child care accessibility, policies, and funding for RFPU-NW members. Responsible for leading the Childcare proposals for negotiations. This team will inform those on relevant committees of current issues and improvements to be made and will motivate members to take action when necessary.