Updated as of: February 3, 2020

As many applicants are deliberating institutions they plan to rank in the near future, we feel responsible for sharing the progress that has been made in our ongoing contract negotiations. We know that salary, benefits, and culture are high priorities when ranking programs across the country. We also feel that having union representation is a huge strength of the University of Washington, and we are excited and optimistic about the improved benefits we will receive with our new contract. 

UWHA and the employer have tentative agreements on Articles:

  • 4 (Disciplinary Action and Just Cause)
  • 5 (Dues Deduction and UWHA Membership)
  • 8 (Health and Safety)
  • 9 (Housestaff Advisory Committee)
  • 10 (Leave – Bereavement)
  • 14 (Leave – Professional)
  • 17 (Management Rights)
  • 22 (Progression by Training Year)
  • 24 (Subordination of Agreement and Authority)
  • Appendixes I-V

We have seen progress on the following issues:

  • The proposed salary increase from the employer has increased from 0% to 2%, though is still much lower than we hope and expect to receive
  • The committee representation structure to ensure resident representation

Among other items, we continue to fight for:

  • Salary: 4% increase each year, with an increase in base salary
  • A fourth week of paid vacation
  • An increased housing stipend
  • An increased Childcare Fund to supplement childcare costs
  • A fully-supplemented UPASS
  • A no questions asked Safe Ride Home program

Notably, the employer’s current proposals include: 

  • Salary: 2% (90 days after ratification), 2% (starting July 1, 2020), and 1% (starting July 1, 2021) increases for the three year contract
  • Housing Stipend: $2,100/year housing stipend
  • Maintaining 3 weeks of paid vacation
  • $100/year travel allowance

Our initial proposals and supportive data can be found on our website

Having a union to fight for our rights and benefits has brought accountability and power to the voices of our resident and fellow members. Our first contract was ratified in November 2016. In this contract, UWHA was able to win: 

  • significant annual salary increases and a signing bonus
  • new housing and parking stipends 
  • full reimbursement for medical licenses and other required expenses
  • an annual education fund for all residents
  • a childcare fund, administered by UWHA
  • a bike transportation fund, jointly administered both UWHA and GME
  • extended paid leave for residents with serious medical issues
  • increased bereavement leave
  • legal protections to prevent residents from unfairly being disciplined or terminated
  • a fair process that guarantees the right to moonlight for all residents

As employees of the University of Washington, and members of the University of Washington Housestaff Association, we continue to encourage potential candidates to come to our institution; however, we encourage each individual to review the salary, benefits, and program and make their decision based on their individual situation. We feel privileged to work at a university with a strong union and we will continue to fight for the fair compensation and rights of our members.

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