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I am a Ally!
I am a UW Patient Ally!

The resident and fellow physicians of University of Washington have been working under an expired contract for almost a year (expiration: June 30, 2019). During this time, we have been denied raises, having been told before COVID19 began that our 80-hour work weeks and determination to provide the best care to the people of Washington was of little worth to UW. We are asking for fair pay and benefits that align with those of our West Coast peer institutions. 

If you support the underpaid, overworked residents at University of Washington, please join with us in writing a letter to UW Medicine leadership to remind them it’s time for a fair contract. Our residents and fellows deserve better and our community deserves doctors who are wholly focused on their patient care. We are there for you and your health, always. We wish UW was there for us.

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2. Making a Donation to UWHA

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