RFPU-NW and UW Labor Relations (UW) met for the thirteenth (virtual) bargaining session. We had an intermittent session without a mediator, but our next two sessions will include a Washington State Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) mediator.  

Package Proposals:

  • The employer sent over a package proposal after the last session that included Articles 3 (Childcare), 6 (Fringe Benefits), 22 (Salary/Stipend), and 27 (Scheduling & Hours). They also updated language in Article 24 (Transportation) that included the full parking settlement that UW and RFPU-UW previously negotiated. Your union wanted the full language included because it would have been nullified by a new contract, and is now protected moving forward. Most notable changes were included in last week’s summary video but are increased lactation accommodations with the ability for resident to pump outside of pumping rooms granted privacy, increased meal stipends to $11-$12-$13 over the three year contract, 3% annual increase across all years, and an allowance of $5k-$5k-$6k.
  • Your union presented a package proposal including Articles 3 (Childcare), 6 (Fringe Benefits), 8 (Health & Safety), 22 (Salary/Stipend), and 27 (Scheduling & Hours). It was also discussed with the employer to TA Articles 1 (Definitions), 13 (Leave – Miscellaneous), 14 (Leave – Professional), 15 (Leave – Sick), 16 (Leave – Vacation), 17 (Management Rights), 18 (Working Outside the Program), 19 (No Strikes, No Lockouts), 20 (Non-discrimination), 24 (Transportation), 25 (Union Activities), and 26 (Duration) as we felt we had reached a good compromise or the language was strong enough in our favor. Your union also wants to use the remaining sessions to prioritize the remaining articles. Notable changes in the package proposal include lowering the childcare fund amount to $400k, including ACGME language around meals to increase stipends on weekends and holidays, pushing for the increased meal stipend of $12 and $13 a year earlier, accepting some of the employer’s language around workplace violence to strengthen resident protections, reducing the housing stipend and tiering it over all three years, and presenting a tiered model of workplace hour caps for programs to implement over time. The employer ultimately rejected this package.
  • The employer countered with the same package proposal as your union but the only changes were in Articles 8 (Health & Safety) and 22 (Salary/Stipend). They included some language around resident protection from workplace violence and covering the cost of counseling through GME’s Wellness service. The employer increased their allowance amount to $6000 across all three years, while keeping the salary increase the same (3%-3%-3%).
  • Your union countered with another package proposal that included Articles 3 (Childcare), 6 (Fringe Benefits), 8 (Health & Safety), 22 (Salary/Stipend), and 27 (Scheduling & Hours) with changes in Articles 3 (Childcare), 8 (Health & Safety), and 22 (Salary/Stipend). The remaining presented articles were the same versions from your union earlier in the session. Changes include accepting UW language around workplace violence granted they cover costs denied by Labor & Industries claims, reduced childcare fund to $300k, and lowering the tiered housing stipend to $10k-$10.5k-$11k over the length of the contract. The employer has yet to respond to this package.

Tentative Agreement Reached:

  • Article 1, Definitions
  • Article 13, Leave – Miscellaneous
  • Article 14, Leave – Professional
  • Article 15, Leave – Sick
  • Article 16, Leave – Vacation
  • Article 17, Management Rights
  • Article 18, Working Outside the Training Program
  • Article 19, No Strikes, No Lockouts
  • Article 20, Non-discrimination
  • Article 24, Transportation
  • Article 25, Union Activities
  • Article 26, Duration

The proposals can be read in their entirety here, along with a short video summary from this session by RFPU-NW President, Dr. Eve Champaloux (who graciously stood in for our Lead Negotiator, Dr. Kevin Steehler this week). 

Next (virtual) bargaining session: Wed, June 29th from 3:00-7:00pm. RFPU-NW encourages all of our co-residents to attend, including incoming residents and fellows –  please RSVP here.

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